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How to Take Good Pictures of Buildings

photography for architects portland metro area or

Whether you need to take pictures of buildings for your job, because you find it interesting, or if you just like buildings because they don’t move and don’t talk back, taking shots of buildings is fun. Once you know how to look at the world around you and see the beauty in all the old buildings, then you’ll be able to take good photos.

Think about taking pictures of buildings as if you are shooting photography for architects portland metro area or professionals. You are taking these photos for a living, and once you have that professional mind set you’ll be able to behave with more professionalism. When you take pictures of buildings, consider the location as a whole, as that will enhance how you take the photos.

First, think about the time of day and weather. Taking a photo of a building in the middle of a hot summer day will produce a different picture than if you took a picture of the same building the morning after it rained on you. Compare two pictures at the same location at different times and weather patterns, and you’ll see a major difference.

Also try to take pictures from different angles. Snap a photo of a building from the sidewalk, then get to a higher elevation and take another picture. You might find different details you want to set the photo around, or even an entirely new perspective on the same building once you change your point of view. Use technology like drones or selfie sticks to get some elevation if you don’t have the ability to physically change your elevation, and don’t be afraid to try new things to get a better shot. With a little creative thinking, the pictures will be even better than you could ever dream.

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